Privacy Policy

PLCom (referred to as "PLCom" or "Company") has created this privacy policy in order to demonstrate the company's commitment towards the privacy of its users. The following document helps disclose the company's practices relating to information gathering and dissemination that are used on this website. It is important to note that this service is only applicable to our service and not to any other websites or third-party services provider who may be collecting and storing data and using other practices and policies that may differ from this privacy policy.

The following privacy policy is also only considered applicable to the private information that's been shared with PLCom by you, or has been collected by PLCom as part of providing our services, and not to any other information which might be part of public records or accessible by you through acquiring this service. By using our service, you warrant that you have read, fully understood, and agree to be bound by the terms of this privacy policy and the terms and conditions section, which is also considered part of the privacy policy.

Permission will not be granted without first agreeing to the terms in this document

All those who use our service are warranting and agreeing that they have read, understood and agree to the terms of this privacy policy. All those who feel that they do not fully understand the terms of this privacy policy should immediately cease using our service.

Scheduled or Unscheduled Changes and Updates

Every time a user (i.e. you) access this service, the most recent version of this privacy policy will be applicable. Every time a user (i.e. you) use our service, we recommend you first check the date of the last update in the privacy policy and read the terms carefully to make sure you are abreast of any possible changes that may have been made during your absence from our service.

That said, most changes will most probably be minor, but PLCom reserves the right to add, update modify or change any information that's part of this privacy policy at any time without need for providing a prior notice. Any updates or changes of this nature are going to be effective immediately without any prior notification. The revised privacy policy is going to apply only to the information that's collected after the release of the latest version of the privacy policy, and not to the information that's been collected under the terms of the earlier privacy policy.

Privacy of Children

PLCom does not knowingly collect or solicit any personal data from children that are under the age of 13. PLCom will immediately delete any information once it finds out that it has collected personal information of a child that is under the age 13. Since PLCom is not in the habit of collecting any personal information from children under the age of 13, there is no such data to share or disclose with any third-party service. This privacy policy has been complied for compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.

Practices of Collecting Information


Similar to almost all other website operators, including mobile application operators, PLCom does gather user information that's made available by web browsers to provide a smooth user experience. Some of this information may include:

This traffic data is considered to be anonymous information that does not link or identify an individual.


Cookies are basically small text files which are placed on a user's computer by a website that's visited. Cookies use a string of information that leads the user to that website every time they search for it on their browser. The main purpose of cookies is to help identify the user. In that regard, PLCom uses two different kinds of cookies for its service, namely "third-party cookies" and "first-party cookies". Cookies are used in order to provide our users with a smooth service.


As mentioned, PLCom does use first-party cookies. For instance, the Google Analytics Cookie allows us to gather the right visitor information that's relevant to our service, and helps us customize our service accordingly, resulting in a more personalized experience for our users. It also allows us to store a password provided by our users so that they do not have to re-enter their password every time they want to access our service.

Those users who do not want to have any first-party cookies saved on their computer or mobile device should set their browser accordingly. However, it is possible that you will not be able to access certain features if cookies have not been enabled on your browser. If you still refuse to add cookies onto your browser, then you will be solely responsible for any data or functionality that is lost because of your actions.


PLCom reserves the right to place advertisements on any third-party sites that you use after you have accessed our service. Apart from that, PLCom and any third-party marketing partners, including Google, may also use first-party cookies (for example: Google Analytics cookie), and third-party cookies (for example: DoubleClick cookie), along with other web beacons to optimize and serve relevant advertisements to our users based on their user habits while accessing our service. This practice is legal and is commonly known as remarketing.


Google Analytics helps website operators to get a better understanding on how their visitors engage with the various features of their service. Google Analytics may use a set of cookies apart from the Google Analytics cookie to gather information and report crucial statistics on website usage without identifying the user.


PLCom requires your login credentials for some of its websites or services to function. For example, a user may choose to provide third-party login credentials (such as "Login with Facebook" or "Login with Google") to syndicate private content from third-party social networks and websites. In this case, the third-party login credentials will be stored until the users disables private content syndication from these third-party social networks and websites. This information will be deleted within a reasonable period of time following the termination of these syndication services.
We collect and use only the ID, name and email supplied. We do not collect other information from this social login. This information is used strictly for user identification in conjunction with the website or services. We do not display, sell or share this information.
As the information is used solely for user identification, the only way to remove it is to contact us by email at [email protected]. Rest assured, that all third-party login credentials are stored with the strictest security standards.


Any of the third-party services can place cookies on a computer or mobile device or user web beacons to gather information on the user, gather IP addresses and other data in order to deliver relevant metrics and information, which in turn, helps providing a personalized user experience.


Users are free to select their preferences for Google cookies on the Google Ads Settings page, as well as Facebook cookies. Users can visit to learn more about cookies and how to set cookie preferences on their PC or mobile devices.


In order to use certain features that are provided as part of our service, users may be asked to provide PLCom with certain information which makes them personally identifiable. This information includes, but is not limited to, contact name, phone number, mailing and email address, financial information, ZIP code etc. This information may also include asking about information pertaining to the user's third-party social media accounts. PLCom is not going to secretly gather any of this personal information. However, PLCom reserves the right to gather any personal information that can be supplemented by the user's personal information already available online via other sources. Consumer reporting agencies are also lawfully allowed to provide this information, if needed. That said, users are not obligated to provide any personal information which, as a result, can lead to certain features being out of reach of the said user.


PLCom is within its rights to collect specific information, such as user's first and last name, address, email address and telephone number.


The service can include features such as electronic messaging that allows the user to upload, post or transmit, or even distribute information, including personal information that is available publicly over which PLCom is not able to exercise its control. For the user's safety, caution needs to be exercised when deciding what type of personal information they disclose while using online sites. If you do provide personal information, then you will assume all responsibility.


Certain information such as traffic data that is gathered with the help of cookies is analyzed by PLCom. This is carried out to improve the user experience. This is achieved by identifying the user trends and patterns of usage which can improve the user's experience while using our services. PLCom also releases traffic data from time to time along with other information that's gathered by cookies. Details of the data are published in a report that describes the usage of the service. PLCom in no way, attempts to link any information that is gathered with the help of cookies.


PLCom also utilizes contact data in order to send the users important information about our products and services, or to contact users to provide any specific information on a particular product or service. PLCom does use financial data in order to verify the user's qualification to use certain features or for billing purposes. PLCom also utilizes certain demographic data in order to customize our services. This may also include certain third-party social media account data that will follow the terms of our privacy policy and the privacy policies of other third-party social media platforms. PLCom usually releases certain data relating to demographics that's released in the form of a report.


PLCom does release personal data to those who help it improve its services. These include, those who carry out administrative and technical tasks along with hosting, billing and data storage, and security services.


PLCom is bound to share personal information when required by law or when served with a court order or subpoena. PLCom reserves the right to release any personal information when it is believed to be reasonably necessary for the protection of PLCom, the public or third-party partners.


When it comes to the transfer of personal data that's in its possession, PLCom reserves the right to carry out any action as it deems fit. In case of a merger, acquisition or bankruptcy, assets of PLCom will be transferred to the other party. The transfer of personal data is subject to the terms of this privacy policy, with exception of a bankruptcy or a court order. However, the submission of data after a transfer will be subject to the new privacy policy that is adopted by the successor.


By providing a name, email address or any other personal information, the user is expressing their consent to receive electronic communications from PLCom. This may include promotional emails, new product updates, and general information regarding the service. Users are allowed to opt out of receiving any communications in any form from PLCom by unsubscribing to the services or by requesting to unsubscribe to electronic communications by filling out the online form that's provided.


PLCom takes the safety of its users very seriously. We are fully committed to protecting the data of our users. But, due to the reality of online security, it is not possible to guarantee that the service will not be hacked or that your personal information is not going to be accessed or destroyed by any unscrupulous parties.


All users of PLCom are advised to immediately notify PLCom in case any information is lost, stolen or is being used without their consent. This information may include the user's name, email address, bank account information and credit card information. PLCom will immediately remove any such personal information from our site and will update the user's account accordingly.


PLCom requires that the personal information of its users be updated and accurate. Providing correct and updated information is a basic requirement for all users of the PLCom service. By agreeing to the terms given on this page and our TERMS AND CONDITIONS page, the user is obligated to provide correct and up-to-date personal information. In order to verify the accuracy of the personal information that's provided by the user, the user is required to visit their personal information page from time to time to ensure that the information they've provided is correct.


PLCom does not own or control any third-party services. Third-party services are under no obligation to comply with the terms in this privacy policy, except when it comes to any personal information that's provided directly by PLCom. This is why users need to be careful while providing any personal information to third-party services.


It is normal for PLCom to carry out contests or competitions along with running other promotional activities to keep its users engaged. Any information that's shared during that time will be used in accordance with the terms in this privacy policy. It is normal for PLCom to ask its users to take part in surveys that are designed to improve our services. Any information that is collected regarding these surveys could be shared with third parties that are not bound by the terms given in this privacy policy.


In an event that PLCom has to undergo a business transition, which includes a partnership, merger or acquisition, or sale of the company and its assets, or in the event of a bankruptcy, PLCom reserves the right to use any and all information that it has gathered in accordance with the terms given in this privacy policy. When something like this happens, the personal data of users will be part of the company's assets that is transferred to its successor.

For any further questions relating to the Terms and Conditions, please feel free to contact us at contact center