Terms & Conditions of Use

In order to continue using PLCom or the services provided by ("company" or "PLCom"), you are required to accept the following terms and conditions. Using the site in any way and for any purpose, along with its software or mobile application, will be considered as your approval of being completely bound to the terms and conditions given below. Those who use the service are agreeing to be bound by this Terms and Conditions agreement. This agreement is legally binding between you and PLCom. We encourage all those who use this service to first carefully read, print out or save this agreement for future reference.

Those who either do not understand the contents of this agreement or are unwilling to be legally bound by it or the Privacy Policy are advised not to use the service and cease all use of the service immediately. Certain terms within this page require using arbitration to resolve any issues, instead of taking class actions or jury trials. It also has limitations to the remedies that are available to you in case of any dispute.

Privacy Policy

Utilizing the services provided by PLCom will be taken as your consent that you have carefully read and have fully understood, and are bound by the contents of this agreement, along with the privacy policy, which has been incorporated into the 'Terms and Conditions' section. PLCom encourages all of its users to check the 'Privacy Policy' and the 'Terms and Conditions' section regularly for any updates.


Accessing or using the services provided by PLCom after reading this document will be taken as your agreement that you are 18 years of age and, hence qualified under law to enter and access the contents of this site. Those who use this service on behalf of an organization also warrant that they are authorized to act on behalf of that organization.

Forbidden Usage: FCRA Compliance

PLCom requires your agreement for each of the following situations to make sure that the services is provided legally and under compliance with the law and the requirements of third part providers of information. In case of conflicting issues between the following provisions the following Section 4 provisions will be considered.

  1. You are aware and realize that the content or data that's provided via PLCom's site or application will occasionally be entered poorly or may have been processed incorrectly. You also agree that the products and services of PLCom should not be considered to always be in its accurate or complete form.
  2. You realize that the products and services offered by PLCom does contain information that is sensitive which is overseen by various state and federal laws. By using the service you are under agreement that you will be responsible when it comes to determining which laws will be applied based on your use of the content within this site. By using the content, you also agree that you will be solely responsible for observing said laws.
  3. By either signing or submitting, or providing a digital signature, or clicking the "accept" button on the site you will be in agreement with complying with the laws that are applicable with this website. You also agree that you have fully read and understood the contents of this agreement, and have provided honest answers to all of the questions that have been asked by PLCom, which therefore binds you to this agreement.
  4. All use of the PLCom site, application or content has been expressly prohibited by PLCom.
  5. All of the content in this site is for the purpose of personal use and it is prohibited to use PLCom's content for any commercial purposes.
  6. PLCom is in no way a consumer reporting agency and the services and products offered by PLCom do not constitute consumer reports. Under the regulations of FCRA, any product or service of PLCom cannot be used for determining the eligibility for any credit, employment, insurance or any other use which includes: Employment, loans, credit, scholarships, housing, committing identity fraud or any other use possible covered by the FCRA.

For any and all other uses, you must bear in mind that a background report is not going to substitute for common sense and carrying out due diligence by you, especially when it comes to the face to face communication with any third parties.

  1. Any of the products or services offered by PLCom should not be used for the following:
    1. To cause physical or emotional harm to any person; this includes, fraud, identify theft, harassment, libeling, theft, indecent materials or any other criminal activity.
    2. For providing instructions on any illegal activity or to cause physical harm of any particular individual or group of people.
    3. Using the products or services provided by PLCom or any information shared by PLCom along with any data that's covered by federal statutes under FCRA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA), or the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, or the Driver's Privacy Protection Act, or the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, and any other similar laws.
    4. For seeking any personal information with the intention to locate and cause harm to any individual under the age of 18.
    5. For obtaining any private information on famous figures or government officials.
    6. For credit care counseling services.
    7. For the purpose of marketing or commercial use.
    8. For exporting or re-exporting any data or content.
  2. No license or agreement that's been assigned to you can be re-assigned, transferred or sub-licensed by you.
  3. All products and services provided by PLCom can only be assessable from the US.
  4. Users are not required to share their username or password with anybody else. The products and services provided by PLCom are to be used by you alone and cannot be filed or delivered by any third parties.
  5. You are not allowed to access or retrieve any information or perform any other activity other than what access has been provided by PLCom, either with PLCom's website or mobile application or web crawlers or scrapers.
  6. PLCom or any of its third-party data providers do not provide any warranties for the accuracy or completeness or any other aspect of the information regarding the products and services provided by PLCom. In other words, PLCom or any of its third party information providers shall not be held liable for any information on the PLCom website or mobile application, and you agree to not sue or take any legal action against PLCom or its third party information providers.
  7. PLCom is entitled to auditing your use of its products or services, and by using the PLCom website or mobile application you agree to cooperate and provide the necessary documentation when asked by PLCom relating to your use of PLCom.
  8. The entire liability to you by PLCom and all of its third-party data providers is limited only to any direct damages that do not exceed any fees you may have paid for the PLCom service or products, or a cap on any damages that's provided in this agreement, whichever is lower. PLCom or any of its third-party data providers will not be held accountable for any other costs or damages of any kind whatsoever.
  9. All third-party data providers will be given similar rights to indemnification as PLCom, which will be no less than the following: an agreement to indemnify or hold PLCom or its directors, employees, officers, suppliers, licensors or any third-party data providers harmless against any and all claims, losses, damages or costs, including attorney fees which result from a violation of the contents given within the Terms and Conditions section, or arising as a result of you uploading or submitting any posting.
  10. All provisions given in this agreement concerning a disclaimer of the quality of content, any limitation on liabilities or any indemnification is going to be for the advantage of PLCom and all indemnified parties. PLCom and any of the indemnified parties shall reserve the right to assert or enforce the necessary provisions against the user on their own behalf.
  11. The terms that have been provided in this agreement in relation to any disclaimer of warranty or access and use of any products or services of PLCom, audits, indemnification, limitations of liability or the release of claims by the user or payments for services or products of PLCom shall be exempt from being terminated after the termination of this agreement.
  12. You are in agreement that a breach of this agreement with PLCom will lead to the harm of not only PLCom but also its indemnified parties, along with monetary damages, which will make PLCom and its indemnified parties entitled to an injunctive relief, without the need to post a bond.
  13. You are not going to use any product or service provided by PLCom for any purposes or actions that have been prohibited in this agreement. An abuse or misuse of the products or services provided by PLCom will be seen as the basis for an immediate suspension of your account and services, and the termination of your membership, along with possible legal action, all of which will be at the discretion of PLCom.
  14. You will be required to accept the contents of this agreement in its entirety and agree with any amendments or resubmissions of this agreement if any information that's provided by you has changed.

Payments, Refunds and Subscription Plans

By using the PLCom service, you agree to the fact that PLCom reserves the right to charge you for accessing the website or using its services. All transactional information regarding payments will be secured under internet-standard TLS (OR HTTPS) encryption. PLCom will be collecting your user name, address and payment information for processing payments.

Because of the nature of service, any refunds are only going to be issued on a strictly case-by-case basis. If you are having any problems for this reason, you are free to email us and we will work with you to try and come up with a solution.

Subscription Plans

PLCom can also offer a product membership or a subscription plan that can enable you to carry out unlimited searches, under the terms and conditions that are given under the particular subscription plan that's selected by you. If you do choose to enroll in a subscription plan with PLCom, you agree to all the terms and conditions and that for your first purchase, your credit/debit card is going to be charged for any additional period of membership without the need of PLCom obtaining any further confirmation or permission by you. This means, the subscription plan is going to automatically renew itself upon expiry unless you cancel the subscription manually. This is why it is important to pay attention to the terms and conditions regarding payments of the service, including all information on the subscription plans.

Changes and Cancellation

In order to change or cancel a subscription plan, email us. All changes or cancellations need to be carried out three days before your credit/debit card is charged for the renewal of your subscription.

Alterations to the Subscription Fees

In certain circumstances, it could be required for PLCom to charge additional fees or charges in effect, which also includes for a subscription plan. PLCom reserves the right to making any changes in its subscription fees without the need for any prior notice. That said, PLCom may also lower fees or switch the subscription plan to a lower package as long as it offers the same features or level of service.

Modification to the Terms and Privacy Policy

The rules and regulations pertaining to internet technology change frequently. PLCom reserves the right to alter this agreement and the Privacy Policy at any time. You are solely responsible for reviewing the agreement and the Privacy Policy regularly to stay abreast with any of the changes. If at any time you should find that this agreement or Privacy Policy is unacceptable to you for some reason, then you are required to cease accessing this service immediately. A revised version of the Privacy Policy shall apply only to the information gathered by PLCom after the revised policy takes effect, unless PLCom is able to obtain your consent. This means it will not apply to any information that has been collected under earlier versions of the Privacy Policy.


PLCom will grant you a non-sublicensable, non-exclusive, non-transferable and revocable license for accessing the website or mobile application of PLCom, and to use the products and services offered by PLCom. No section or part of the website or service is to be duplicated, reproduced, modified, sold, copied, transmitted or distributed or exploited in any way without first taking the prior consent of PLCom.

Any and all rights that have not been expressly granted within this agreement are to be considered reserved by PLCom. Without any limitations, this agreement will grant no rights to you for any of its intellectual property or any other party. The license granted is conditional to your full compliance with the agreement to use our service. Under this section, your rights will be terminated immediately in the sole judgement of PLCom, if you have been found to breach any of the provisions that have been given in this agreement.

Dependence on Content from Third Parties

Any and all statements, advice or other information made accessible via the service by any third parties, including all information in any reports through the service are to be considered of their respective authors, and should not be relied on. The authors of such content are to be responsible for it. In other words, PLCom does not:

Assumption of Risk: Release

You freely and knowingly assume full responsibility and risk while using the PLCom service or products. You, on behalf of your personal representatives or heirs, voluntarily agree to release or discharge and hold PLCom and all of its stakeholders, directors, agents, officers, representatives, employees harmless and free from any claims or losses for damage to property, physical injury, privacy, emotional distress, or wrongful death, experienced by you or a third-party that may have resulted from use of the service.

User Account Accuracy

In order to access and utilize certain functions and features of the service, you will be asked to create a user account and provide additional information to identify yourself. By using this service, you represent and warrant that all of the information that's been provided by you relating to your account information and personal profile on PLCom is accurate and updated.

You agree to not submitting any inaccurate or fake content, which also includes your username and profile information, or to impersonate another individual (real or fictitious). If PLCom finds out that the information you have provided is not truthful, PLCom at its sole discretion shall reserve the right to refuse access to the service and terminate or suspend your account at any time.

Account Security

All users of the PLCom service will be asked to provide a valid username and password, along with other information to create a secure account. You are going to be entirely responsibly for maintaining the confidentiality of the password you assign for yourself. You are not allowed to use the username or password of any other user or another individual, nor are you allowed to share your username or password information with another person, or make attempts to circumvent any of the authentication and security mechanisms that have been laid out by PLCom. By using the service, you agree to notify PLCom as soon as you find that your user account has been accessed by someone else. You may be held liable for any losses that are incurred by PLCom or its affiliates and employees due to your account being used by another person.

Consent for Receiving Electronic Communications

By signing up for this service and providing PLCom with your name, email, or residential information, you clearly consent to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of PLCom, and in receiving communication from PLCom periodically. These communications may be about the service, introduction of new products or services, updates and regarding other matters that are relevant to your use of the service. You may opt out receiving these communications by following the unsubscribe instructions at any time by emailing us. You also agree that the electronic communications sent to you by PLCom or any of its third parties satisfy any legal requirements that the notices to you be provided in writing.

Third Party Websites

It is possible that the service is linked to websites of other third parties, and service providers that have established a relationship with PLCom. PLCom does not have any control over the services provided by any third parties. PLCom has never reviewed and does not claim to review or control any materials on these third-party site, including computer software or any goods and services that are provided by those websites. PLCom also does not represent or endorse the products or services of any third-party website, neither does it guarantee the accuracy and authenticity of any third-party website. By using PLCom's products and services you agree to be solely responsible for any damages, harm or injury, whether to you or a third party which has resulted from you using the services of a third-party website.

Prohibited Behavior

Apart from the prohibitions shared in Section 4 that specifically address the search of prohibited records, PLCom does impose certain limitations on users of the service. A breach of the rules given in this section will be subject to civil and criminal liability. Keeping this in mind, the following actions have been expressly prohibited;

Intellectual Property

By using the service, you represent and warrant that you are going to follow the laws that are applicable to you while using the service and respect the intellectual property rights of those who are using the service. Your use of the service is also going to be governed at all times by the copyright laws and other laws pertaining to intellectual property. You agree to not post, upload, display, transmit, distribute or perform any information or content in violation to the terms and conditions given in this page and the Privacy Policy.


Both PLCom and the PLCom logo along with any other company trademarks are the sole property of PLCom, along with other trademarks, graphics, service marks, logos, and domain names that appear on the service or anywhere that belong to PLCom, are in connection with the PLCom service or its third-party services. Using the service or agreeing to use the service does not grant any individual the right or title, or any form of license to use or reproduce the trademarked marks and logos of the company. By using the service, you agree that all goodwill in the company marks that is going to be generated as a result of your use of the service will automatically inure to the benefit of PLCom, and that you fully agree to assign all such goodwill over to PLCom. You are not going to, nor are you going to assist others in challenging the right, title and interests of PLCom, or the validity of the marks used by the service.


All content, including other material that's accessible on the or by the service, including and without limitations to the PLCom logo, text, designs, other files or a selection or arrangement of materials that are owned by PLCom or any of PLCom's licensors and suppliers. Neither using this service, nor the contents of this agreement grants you any right or interest to such materials, except when explicitly provided by PLCom.

Disclaimers or Limitations of Liability

No Warranties

PLCom disclaims on behalf of itself and its suppliers or licensors any and all warranties that are either expressed or implied with regards to the nature of the service, or that which arises by law or for any other reason. This includes, but without any limitation, all warranties of merchantability, fitness of the particular purpose, no encumbrance, title, or non-infringement, apart from any warranties that may arise due to the dealings or usage and trade practices of the service. PLCom, its licensors and suppliers do not warrant that the service is going to meet any specific requirements of the user, or that it will remain operational and error-free at all times.

PLCom also disclaims any implied liabilities for any damages that may arise due to using the service pursuant to the contents of this agreement, which also includes without any limitation, any mistakes, interruptions or omissions, errors, or defects that will arise by using the service, whether caused by acts of omission or commission, or any other damages that may occur. PLCom is also not to be held liable for any indirect, special, punitive or incidental damages that result in the loss of revenue or profits, whether it was caused by the acts of omissions on PLCom's part, or PLCom's users or company parties and any other representatives.

You Are Responsible for Any Loss or Damage

You agree that you are going to use the service at your own risk and that you are not going to hold PLCom, its licensors and suppliers responsible or liable for any loss or damage which results from you using the service. This includes, but without limitations, any loss or damage to any of your computers, mobile devices, smartphones, servers or data. By using the service, you agree that the service can contain bugs, errors and other limitations.

Limitations on Liability

Under no circumstances will PLCom or any of its licensors or suppliers be held liable to you for any claims that may arise from using the service. This includes, but without limitation to, any special, consequential or incidental damages or loss of profits, data or any other information, including costs of procurement of goods and services, and the failure to meet any duties of good faith or negligence or otherwise, regardless of the service's ability to foresee those damages. This limitation shall be applicable regardless of whether any damages arise out of a breach of contract, or tort, or any other legal theory. You also agree that the limitation of liability does represent a reasonable allocation of risk and is going to be held as the fundamental factor for the basis of the bargain between you and PLCom. The service is not going to be provided without these limitations.

Application of Disclaimer

The aforementioned disclaimer, waiver or limitations do not in any way bring limitations to any other disclaimer of warranties or any other limitations in regards to any other agreement that is between you and PLCom, or between you and the suppliers and licensors of PLCom. It is possible that under some jurisdictions it will not be applicable to allow the exclusion of certain warranties that are implied or any limitations pertaining to certain damages, which means that some of the disclaimers, limitations or waivers that have been mentioned above may not apply to you. The suppliers and licensors of are intended third-party beneficiaries of the disclaimers or limitations. That said, no information or advice, be it in oral or written form that is obtained by you through the service or through any other means shall alter any of the disclaimers or limitations which have been stated above.


Without causing any limitations to indemnification provisions of this agreement, you (the indemnitor) agree to indemnify and hold PLCom harmless, including company parties from any claims, demands, actions or other proceedings either individually or collectively. This includes but is not limited to the legal cost and fees, and providing close or exclusive control of the defense of any actions to PLCom. This is also going to include the choice of legal counsel and any other related settlement negotiations which may arise out of or in relations to:

  1. The relationship between you and PLCom, whether it has been based on a fraud, tort misrepresentation or a statue, or any other legal theory
  2. A breach of an agreement by you, which will include; (i.) accessing the service, (ii.) your provisions towards PLCom or any of its indemnitees for data, (iii.) a violation by you or the violation of any foreign or domestic law or regulation, (iv.) any violation by you of Sections 4 and Sections 13 with regards to prohibited uses of the service and other conduct which has been prohibited by PLCom, (v.) any violation or an alleged violation by you of any third party's trademarks or copyrights or any of their intellectual property.

Each of the indemnitees has the right, but not the obligation to take part in any counsel of their own choice in defense by you of a claim that you are required to defend or indemnify. You may not take part in the settlement of any claim without the prior written consent of the concerned parties.

Dispute Resolution

Binding Arbitration

If, for some reason, you and PLCom are unable to resolve any dispute or a claim by negotiating, either party is authorized to have the claim or dispute resolved with a binding arbitration. An election towards an arbitration by any one party shall be considered final and binding on all other parties involved.

By using the service, you recognize that without this provision you would have the legal right to sue and have a jury trial and take part in a class action. The language that is used within this agreement is going to be interpreted in accordance with its fair meaning and not for any other party.

Arbitration is to start and be conducted under the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association (AAA), which is available on the AAA website, ( or by calling 1-800-778-7879). PLCom will pay for any AAA filing or administration, including any arbitrator fees, unless provided otherwise. But, if the arbitrator finds that the substance of the claim made by you or the relief that is sought by you is frivolous, or does not meet the rules of the Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 11(b), then you will have to pay any arbitrator fees, apart from any and all other fees that surpass the initial filing fees. In such case, you will be required to reimburse PLCom for all the payments that are your obligation under the rules put forth by the AAA. In this case, the arbitrator is going to be bound by the terms of this agreement.

Any issues that arise are for the arbitrator to resolve, apart from those issues that are related to enforcing the arbitration provision, which is to be resolved by the Court of Competent Jurisdiction. The arbitration can be carried out in person, through submission of a form, online or by phone. The arbitrator is required to issue a decision that will be in writing, but can also provide a statement of reasons if that's requested by the party.

Arbitrators are to follow all laws that are applicable. If not, awards may be challenged. PLCom can litigate to compel the arbitration in court, or to stay proceedings that are pending arbitration, or modify, vacate or confirm judgement on an award that has been entered by an arbitrator. The arbitrator will award any costs to the prevailing party, which is also going to include any fees, expenses or attorney fees at the time of the proceedings and upon the request of the other party within 14 days of the ruling on the merits.

Restrictions Against Joinder of Claims

Both PLCom and you agree that an arbitration is to be limited to each of the claims on an individual basis. Both you and PLCom will agree that each can only bring claims against the other in the individual capacity of either you or PLCom, and not as a plaintiff or a class member for any representative proceedings or purported class.

If a provision cannot be enforced in a Court of Competent Jurisdiction, then the claim will be resolved exclusively by a binding arbitration upon an election of either party. Any election for the arbitration of one party will be considered final and will be binding on all others with additions to; (a) no arbitration is to be joined with another arbitration, (b) there's no right for the arbitration of a claim on a class action basis, or for the implication of any class-action procedures, and (c) No right is granted to any authority pertaining to any dispute to be brought forward in a purported representative capacity on behalf of an individual or any person in the general public.

Remedies in Aid of Arbitration; Equitable Relief

This agreement on the subject of arbitration is not to preclude you or PLCom from being able to seek out provisional remedies that will be in aid of the arbitration. This will include, but without any limits to, any orders for staying a court action, or a compel arbitration or confirmation of an arbitral award from the Court of Competent Jurisdiction. Apart from that, this agreement for arbitration is to not preclude you or PLCom from being able to apply to the Court of Competent Jurisdiction for either a temporary restraining order, a preliminary injunction or any conservatory relief. The Court of Competent Jurisdiction means any state or federal court that; (a) has a jurisdiction over the subject, (b) is located in Luxembourg.

Venue for a Judicial Proceeding

This agreement, but without any limitations, shall be considered as if it was executed in Luxembourg, and will be governed by the laws of Luxembourg without regards to any conflict of the principles of the law. The language that is to be used in this agreement is to be interpreted in accordance with the fair meaning and is not to be used against any party.


The Company

Without causing any limitations to the provisions in this agreement, PLCom reserves the right to, at its sole discretion and without the need to provide any prior notice, deny the use of the service to any individual for any reason, without any limitation for any suspected breach of any representation, covenant or warranty that's been covered in this agreement, or for the applicable laws or regulations. This agreement is to automatically be terminated if your actions breach any of the warranties, covenants and representations that have been given in this agreement, including any other regulations.

By You

You are allowed to terminate this agreement along with any rights that come with it for any reason or no reason by providing PLCom with a prior notice of your intentions.

Effect of Termination

A termination of this agreement is going to automatically terminate any and all rights or licenses that were granted under this agreement. This also includes the right to use this service. Once terminated, PLCom may at its sole discretion withdraw any or all of its services or delete from PLCom's servers all of your personal information. Upon the termination of this agreement you shall be obligated to cease any use of the service.

After the termination, PLCom also reserves the right to exercise any means necessary to prevent the unauthorized use of its service, which includes IP blocking, and direct contact with your ISP.


Upon the termination of the service, any rights or obligations that were created by this agreement will also be terminated, except for the following sections: 1-4, 7-9 and 11-20.


Any notices that are permitted to be given under this agreement shall be in writing. PLCom will give a notice by email that is sent to the most recently used email address if an email address has been provided by the user. With this agreement, you agree that any notices that are received from the PLCom electronically satisfies a legal requirement that such notice shall be in writing. You solely bear the responsibility of making sure that your email address is with PLCom and is accurate. Any notice that is sent to you by PLCom shall be considered effective when it's sent to the email address you have provided. You are required to provide any notice to PLCom by submitting the said notice to PLCom via the contact page.


Entire Agreement

This agreement between you and PLCom is in its entirety.

Partial Invalidity

Shall any portion of this agreement be declared void or invalid by the Court of Competent Jurisdiction, such a decision shall not in any way have an effect on the validity of this agreement which shall remain in full force, and both parties acknowledge that they would execute the remaining portion of this agreement with the inclusion of the part that has been specified by the Court of Competent Jurisdiction to be invalid or void.


This agreement is to be modified by a written amendment that is signed by an authorized representative of PLCom, or by a unilateral amendment of this agreement by PLCom.

No Waiver

Any waiver by either party on the contents of this agreement or a breach shall not waive that term or condition.


All of the rights that are provided under this agreement shall not be transferable by you without the prior written consent of PLCom. This agreement is to be considered as binding upon and will inure to all the benefits of the parties or assigners that are permitted.

Independent Contractors

PLCom and you are independent contractors and not a partnership or joint venture, neither do they have an employer-employee relationship under this agreement.

No Third-Party Beneficiaries

With the exceptions of company parties and indemnitees, licensors and suppliers working with PLCom, there are to be no other third-party beneficiaries under this agreement.

Injunctive Relief

You acknowledge and agree that a breach of the terms in this agreement or any infringement of proprietary by you will lead to irreparable injury to PLCom, its licensors and suppliers, and will therefore make PLCom and its suppliers or licensors entitled to an injunctive relief.

For any further questions relating to the Terms and Conditions, please feel free to contact us at contact center