Media Analysis

PLCOM provides media analyses tailored to the unique needs of our clientele. We are able to evaluate the strategic effects of Canadian media coverage and to assess the media's impact relative to the communications objectives of large corporations, government agencies, lobby firms, as well as commercial, professional and trade associations. Independently conceived our analyses are always penetrating, often disturbing and aim to pinpoint the strategic message and tactical nuances for an effective media relations program.

Our appraisal of the media improves your understanding of an issue or product's public perception and is designed to be the foundation of a powerful and effective communications plan.



The PLCOM team has acquired expertise through years of experience in the fields of journalism, communications and media analysis. You can draw from this reserve the intelligence you need to help shape and form the media landscapes that best suit your desires.



 Print media

 Broadcast media

A meticulous analysis of hard-news coverage and editorials in major daily newspapers and specialized magazines produces informed decisions that guide forceful communications strategies.

Television newscasts are extremely influential, and their impact on public opinion is enhanced through pictures and direct quotations from stakeholders. Understand how these images and voices are contextualised as the media grapples with your interests.



PLCOM provides policy makers, communications advisors and managers with a revealing glance at the popular perceptions of their interests. Carefully prepared media analyses objectively reveal how you are perceived by the world. A customized and/or combined version of the following analysis formats will suit your specific business needs.

 Daily Reports

 Weekly or Bi-Monthly


A daily report evaluates the treatment of your interests in the major daily newspapers and electronic media. It is provides policy makers and communications strategists the general presence and tone of media coverage.

A weekly or bi-monthly analysis will uncover the ways in which your interests have been portrayed over time. The analysis will route out and measure media trends and inclinations. The report will heighten the effectiveness of your communications strategy, and empirically constructed graphical representations will quickly divulge your strategic communications path.

A monthly analysis presents a detailed evaluation of the media's perception of your interests. It presents the major concerns and attitudes of the media, and can detect subtle trends and relationships in the media that can only be seen over longer periods of time. The monthly report offers an in-depth and calculable evaluation of a stakeholder's position in the media.


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