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  • Maximize your competitive advantage by reading the focussed and comprehensive news summaries in The Headliner / En Bref. Leave it to your competition to be bogged down in that ocean of unfiltered raw media data.
  • Get a head start and be a step ahead every day by having access to the day's news— efficiently sorted, documented and available from anywhere at any time.
  • Know where you stand in the media. Analyse the location, frequency and perspective of the media's treatment. Understand the impact of the coverage.
  • Take advantage of these powerful analytical resources to make strategic communication decisions based on filtered news intelligence.

In very short order you will discover that t he Headliner / En Bref saves you time and money. Then you will realize how we add value.

The Headliner / En Bref is a customized early-morning daily news intelligence report. Based on your individual communication requirements, the Headliner / En Bref contains a pertinent summary of the Canadian media and documents the range of coverage of your concerns. Skilled analysts exercise business acumen and sensitive political judgement to filter raw news data into strategic decision-making intelligence that is tailored to your individual needs. Published before 8:00am the Headliner / En Bref provides your first take on the media issues of the day and provides a media intelligence framework for efficient and effective communications planning.

Our comprehensive coverage includes all national Canadian media outlets.

Headliner / En bref

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