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Ultrasonic System For Grading Meat

US Patent:
61677590, Jan 2, 2001
Feb 8, 2000
Appl. No.:
Leonard John Bond - Richland WA
Doron Kishoni - Aurora CO
Kenneth David Mahrer - Arvada CO
Colorado Seminary - Denver CO
International Classification:
A61B 800
US Classification:
An ultrasonic system for grading meat transmits an ultrasonic signal into the meat and detects the resulting back-scattered signal. The envelope of the back-scattered signal is determined. A decaying exponential curve having the form y=exp(-Dt) is fitted to the envelope, where D is the attenuation factor for the curve and t is time. A grade of the meat is then determined as a function of the attenuation factor. It may be possible to improve the accuracy of this approach by measuring the total back-scattered energy from the back-signal and generating a grade for the meat based on a polynomial function of both the attenuation factor and the total back-scattered energy. Optionally, accuracy may be further enhanced by removing any anomalies in the back-scattered signal resulting from fat deposits in the meat before calculating the attenuation factor.
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