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OCMHA is an Association within District 6 of the ODMHA.

Ottawa and District Minor Hockey Association (ODMHA)

The Ottawa and District Minor Hockey Association (ODMHA) dedicates itself to "promote and foster amateur hockey through fair play and maintain and increase interest in the game of hockey by ensuring that all organized amateur hockey is developed with the Branch in accordance to prescribed standards".

The ODMHA is an integral part of the Ottawa District Hockey Association (ODHA)which is a member of the Canadian Hockey Association (CHA). CHA is the governing body of amateur hockey in Canada.

There are thirteen districts in the ODMHA. ODMHA covers that part of Province of Ontario lying east of and including the Counties of Lanark, Renfrew, and all of Leeds except the town of Gananoque and the portion west of Highway 32 and south of Highway 15. Stretching from Kingston to Hawkesbury and from Cornwall to Ottawa, the ODMHA has more than 28,000 participants. There are approximately 1,700 teams in Initiation, Recreational (House League) and Competitive levels. Also, there are over 300 games a day played when the hockey season peaks.

CHA Handbooks

The CHA publishes a handbook detailing the rules and regulations of the organization.

ODHA/ODMHA Handbooks

The ODHA/ODMHA publishes a handbook detailing the rules and regulations of the organization. The Handbook and Directory is published annualy and contains contact lists, rules and regulations, and other information.

ODMHA Policies and Procedures

The ODHA/ODMHA has published a series of policies, procedures and forms. This documentation is available from the Association President and Vice President of Registration. ODMHA administrative offices are located at:

1900 Merivale, Suite 204

Nepean, Ontario

K2G 4N4

Telephone: 613-224-3589

Facsimile: 613-224-4625

Email: [email protected]

Web Site: http://www.odmha.on.ca/


ODMHA Organization


Canadian Hockey Association



Ottawa & District Hockey Association


Executive Director

Technical Director



Ottawa & District Minor Hockey Association

Districts 1 to K


Associations and Leagues


ODMHA District 6 Organization

OCMHA is one of the Minor Hockey Associations comprising District 6. Each Association runs a House League with an interlock league at each Division. Additionally, the Associations have formed a competitive organization, the East Ottawa Vanier Voyageurs. OCMHA players have the option of playing for any of the competitive organizations in Ottawa which offer B, A and AA level hockey.

District 6


Ottawa Centre Minor Hockey Association (OCMHA)


Sandy Hill Minor Hockey Association (SHMHA)

Sandy Hill

Vanier Minor Hockey Association (VMHA) B.Grandmaitre

Saint Laurent Minor Hockey Association (SLMHA)

St. Laurent

Viscount Alexander Minor Hockey Association (VAMHA)

St. Laurent


East Ottawa Vanier Voyageurs

Ottawa Sting

Ottawa West Golden Knights


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EAST OTTAWA Vanier Voyageurs MHA

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ODMHA History

Until the fall of 1972, minor hockey in the ODHA was administered by an appointed committee of the Executive. The Minor Hockey Management Committee met just two or three times a year to resolve disciplinary probems and set the playdown format for the Bantam, Midget and Juvenile Divisions. The 1972 playdowns created more problems than usual and three members of the Committee argued that minor hockey would run far more efficiently if the Committee met more frequently. It was thought that the ideal committee would consist of volunteers from within the minor hockey community, with one member from the ODHA Executive. The committee also wanted a voice on the executive and suggested a minor committee member to be given a seat with full voting privileges.

In the spring and summer of 1972, Don Parisien, Paul Leduc, and Dalton Gadbois travelled Eastern Ontario and stopped in such towns as Stittsville, Long Sault, and Morrisburg, and held local meetings with minor hockey associations to gather ideas and support for a new committee. It was thought that a regular committee will be able to resolve problems as soon as they arose and a more efficient playoff format might create more interest and better participation from area teams.

The final meeting was held in August at the Legion Hall in Smith Falls. Don Parisien explained the objectives of the committee and following a vote by those present, the Ottawa District Minor Hockey Association was tentatively formed. Approval from the ODHA Executive was required to formalize the proceedings.

An executive committee was designated with the task of approaching the ODHA for ratification and approval was granted prior to the start of the 1972-73 season. Col. Kenneth Work (Commanding Officer, CFB Uplands) was elected President, Dalton Gadbois (Cornwall) was named First Vice President, Roger Chevrier (Brockville) was named Second Vice President, and Jack Milligan (Ottawa) was named Secretary-Treasurer.

In the seventy-five years since its inception, hundreds of members have come through the ODHA's leagues and associations on their way to careers in the NHL: Players such as Ted Lindsay, Larry Robinson, Denis Potvin, Mike Gartner and steve Yzerman; Officials such as Cooper Smeaton, Bob Kilger and Wayne Bonney; and Coaches such as Bryan Murray, terry Murray, Doug Carpenter and Marc Crawford. From Allan Cups to Memorial Cups, Centennial Cups, and Olympic Gold Medals, ODHA teams have won a wealth of championships.

Today, its teams continue demonstrate excellent skills in competitive tournaments, and ODHA continues to maintain an innovative development program. Through skill development workshops unsurpassed anywhere in Canada, the ODHA continues to develop coaches, officials, trainers and players for the future of hockey.



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