March 2001

"Where shall we seek Nothing? Where shall we find Nothing? In order to find something must we not know beforehand that it is there? Indeed we must! First and foremost we can only look if we have pre-supposed the presence of a thing to be looked for. But the thing we are looking for is Nothing. Is there after all a seeking without pre-supposition, a seeking complemented by a pure finding?"

-- Martin Heidegger


photo by Tony Caldwell
Photo by Tony Calwell
Photo by Bill Grimshaw
Photo by Andy Clark/Reuters
photo by Derek Ruttan
photo by Christopher Morris
Photo by Morris Lamont
photo by Christopher Morris
photo by Allen McInnis
Photo by Bill Grimshaw
photo by Secret Weapon / Reuters
Photo by Allen McInnis
Photo by Tony Caldwell
photo by Jason Ransom
Photo by Bill Grimshaw