November 2000

"A young shepherd did I see, writhing, choking, quivering, with distorted countenance, and with a heavy black serpent hanging out of his mouth. Had I ever seen so much loathing and pale horror on one countenance? He had perhaps gone to sleep? Then had the serpent crawled into his throat -- there had it bitten itself fast. My hand pulled at the serpent, and pulled: -- in vain! I failed to pull the serpent out of his throat. Then there cried out of me: 'Bite! Bite! Its head off! Bite!' -- so cried it out of me; my horror, my hatred, my loathing, my pity, all my good and my bad cried with one voice out of me."

-- Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zatathustra





24 3 4 1n Photo by Andy Clark / Reuters 24 Photo by Christopher Morris 34Photo by Bill Grimshaw
64Photo by Julie Iverson 7 4Photo by Derek Ruttan 84 Photo by Nick Didlick


13 14 15 16 17 photo by Michael Rowland
20 21 photo by Derek Ruttan 22 photo by Jeff Bassett 23 Photo by Peter Medcalf 24 Holga Photo by Bill Grimshaw
27 Photo by Nick Didlick 28 Photo by Nick Didlick 29 photo by Christopher Morris 30 Photo by Christopher Morris 4