October 2000

  The frantic abolition of all distances brings no nearness; for nearness does not consist in shortness of distance. What is least remote from us in point of distance, by virtue of its picture on film or its sound on the radio, can remain far from us. What is incalculably far from us in point of distance can be near to us. Short distance is not itself nearness. Nor is great distance remoteness.
-- Martin Heidegger, "The Thing"





24 Photo by Andy Clark/Reuters 3 4Photo by Nick Didlick 4n Photo by Christopher Morris 54 Photo by Bill Grimshaw 6n4
94 10 Photo by Andy Clark/Reuters 11 Photo by Nick Didlick

12 Photo by Nick Didlick

13 Holga Photo by Bill Grimshaw
16 photo by Huguette Lachance 17 Photo by Tony Fouhse 18 Photo by Nick Didlick 19 Photo by Christopher Morris 20 Photo by Jeff Bassett
23 Photo by Andy Clark/Reuters 24 Photo by Nick Didlick 25 Photo by Christopher Morris 26 Photo by Bill Grimshaw 27 Holga Photo by Bill Grimshaw
30 Photo by Nick Didlick 31 4 4 4