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The following section provides a description of the management structure and organization of the teams.


Division Levels

The Association sponsors teams of players in the following age and skill levels:

Division Level

Approximate Age


5 - 6 years


7 - 8 years


9 - 10 years


11 - 12 years


13 - 14 years


15 -16 years


17 - 18 years

At the beginning of the season, players are assigned to the Division Level by age and skill on the ice. In the first few weeks of the season, players are assessed in terms of on ice skills and assigned to teams in their appropriate Division Level by age and skill.

OCMHA Division Level Coordinators 1998-99


Division Coordinators



John Harris



Peter Dubois



Richard Lamothe



Paul Bourque



Hugh Trudeau



Terry Dunlap



Murray Wilson



Division Level Coordinators are appointed to each Division Level to manage the process of assigning Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Team Managers, Team Trainers and ensuring that the players are distributed equally to each team so that balance and equality are maintained. Approximately 12-16 players are assigned to each team depending on the total registration for the Division Levels.

A member of the Executive Committee has been assigned to each Division Level to communicate with and assist the Division Coordinators as required.


OCMHA Team Management 1998-99







John Harris





The team management framework is structured to meet the Association's operational objectives and fulfill the requirements of the players in pursuit of hockey enjoyment and skill development. The business functions within the team include the administrative activities, skills development, and physical health. The following table displays typical team management positions:


Team Management Function


Team Leadership/Planning

Head Coach

Skills Development

Assistant Coaches

Team Administration

Team Manager

Team Health and Safety

Team Trainer

Timekeeping, Game Sheets, Fund Raising

Parent Volunteers


Head Coach

Provide leadership and management to the team.

Achieve a level of coach qualification through certification.

Encourage and promote the certification of the assistant coaches.

Develop training plans and skill development programs for the players and assistant coaches.

Deal effectively with players, parents, referees, Executive Committee members and team management

Select and recruits assistant coaches, parent volunteers, and other team management members

Maintain communications with all participants

Assistant Coach(es)

Fill in when Head Coach is absent.

Assist the Head Coach in skills development planning, on and off ice training and practices, and during games.

Develop goal tending skills in players

Develop ice skating and puck handling practice drills to improve the individual player skills.

Develop tactical and cooperative team practice drills to improve player skills.

Develop the understanding of hockey game theory and practice among the players.

Team Manager

Perform the administrative duties for the team including the procurement of travel permits.

Registers all team members and players in cooperation with the Registrar.

Coordinate all fund raising activities in cooperation with the Director of Fundraising.

Maintain communications with parents and parent volunteers.

Manage the distribution of team sweaters and equipment.

Maintain an up to date contact list of all team members, parents and other contacts.

Team Trainer

Obtain First Aid Certification and have a valid Trainer Number.

Communicate a health program to parents and players.

Maintain Player Medical History records.

Maintain the team's first aid kit.

Parent Volunteer(s)

Perform timekeeping and score keeping duties.

Perform telephone services as required by contacting others.

Provide refreshments to players during games.

Participate in team activities (fund raising, banquet, etc.) as required.


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