Web Page Design

PLCOM offers a wide variety of web designs that will give you a unique and professional presence on the Web. Web technology is versatile, so our design philosophy is sensitive to the best ways to make technology serve your needs. The Web is not a merely a medium that archives your information, but rather a myriad of possibilities for interactive dialogues with the world.

PLCOM's expert web-design strategies efficiently incorporate our state-of-the-art extranet designs into your information system so they function at optimum levels and allow business transactions with the world.

Web Publishing:

PLCOM can provide on-going hypermedia publishing and support so you can exploit the newest presentation techniques and utilize the ever-changing technology of the Web. PLCOM can help you with everything from the sometimes difficult conversion and formatting of existing documents into proper HTML code to full CGI scripting and programming. PLCOM can provide hypermedia editing of documents to ensure that paper documents are converted into rich hypertexts that comply with and utilize current web conventions. We will construct an efficient structure for your Web Site and provide on-going maintenance.

Web Support:

For many the web is a daunting technology. It is, however, a publishing technology that can be quickly learned and implemented. PLCOM believes that anyone can acquire a general knowledge of Web technologies. We offer HTML programming and hypermedia training so that you will be able to publish directly to your Web Site, ensuring that the dissemination of your information is always up-to-date and relevant. When the Web creates new technological challenges and demands, PLCOM is available for hypermedia consultation for on-going initiatives.

As the Web communications revolution unfolds, PLCOM will provide consultation and training in the new forms and semantics that lie beneath the Web publishing surface.